Eden Rose


‘Eden Rose’
Print from an Original Watercolor Painting
Size of print: 8,4 inch x 7,8 inch
© Doris Joa

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1 review for Eden Rose

  1. Janet Stevenson

    I feel so presumptuous attempting to review the beauty of the Eden Rose. The curling of each petal, the depth of pink in the centre, reaching out to the sun, the rich, realistic greens of sepals and pointed leaves has reminded me of the shrub roses of my youth. I can very nearly smell the intoxicating smell. I used to rub the petals on my hands, hoping the smell would linger. The variation of creams, blush pinks and purplish reds is so accurate and the background, hinting at leaves and shafts of blue depicting the sky is close. I am so humbled by your talent. And you teach as well.

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Artist Doris Joa
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