Watercolor DVD ‘How to paint leaves’


1-Disc-DVD  -Length:  2 hrs 9 min
‘Learn how to paint leaves in watercolor’ with BONUS

With the purchase of this watercolor DVD you will get also

  • images of the Reference photos
  • image of one drawing
  • images of the painted studies
  • a useful handbook in .pdf
  • and a Bonus Study about how to paint Rose Stems



Learn How to paint leaves

– available as DVD and Online Video Tutorial

My Watercolor DVDs are the perfect tool for you to learn in your own comfort zone.

Learn with me ‘How to paint leaves’ in watercolor. How to mix greens for rose leaves, how to paint autumn leaves, how to paint realistic leaves and how to paint painterly leaves. My Watercolor Painting DVD Lesson and Online Video shows you how to paint leaves on roses and flowers. Although I love to paint leaves in watercolor on rose and flower paintings I have figured out that they are often the most with which we struggle with when it comes to paint them. We put all the energy into the flower so that it glows, is gentle and soft – because it is the focal point of our painting. Just have a look in to my Rose Paintings Gallery or Flower Paintings Gallery and you can easily see how wonderful supportive the leaves around the roses and flowers are. But often we forget to give the same attention to the surrounding leaves of the flowers. Leaves do support our flowers, they give dimension to the painting and background and we recognize already the flower when we only can see the leaf. We know the leaves and we are aware about them and we don’t want to miss them. We want rich green leaves, light yellow leaves, autumn leaves, spring leaves, blue leaves, red leaves. I show you how to paint leaves in these watercolor lessons. With this Watercolor Instruction DVD you too can now create wonderful realistic and painterly leaves. I show you how with my Watercolor Techniques and indepth Instruction how to create the form of leaves, how to see the highlights and shadow areas and how to describe them with colour. Learn together with my watercolor instruction painting dvd how to paint deep green leaves, fall leaves, painterly leaves, realistic leaves on flowers and roses using my easy to follow Watercolor Technique. Learn in this painting dvd how to mix the colours you need to paint stunning leaves.

What is in this Watercolor Painting DVD ‘How to paint Leaves’?

In this Watercolor Instruction DVD ‘How to paint leaves ‘ Doris shows you how to paint realistic looking leaves in watercolor on flowers and roses with details. She teaches you all you need to know to create stunning leaves using her easy to follow Watercolor Technique. Learn to mix the different greens: cool greens, warm greens, spring greens, blue greens and the shadow colours. Learn to see and to paint the highlights and shadow areas. This knowledge helps you to create stunning leaves in watercolor and especially if you want to make a leaf the star in your painting. Learn to paint realistic leaves in watercolor with details, learn to create the form of the leaves with warm and cool colours, lights and darks.

In this Art Instruction DVD is all you need to know to paint stunning leaves in watercolor in your flower painting. Or maybe you want to do just a painting about leaves? Learn how to paint leaves with me.

Doris also teaches you how to paint leaves in a loose painterly style. Often in a painting we don’t need realistic looking leaves with a lot of details. And this is why it is important to be able to also paint painterly leaves. Doris starts with the underpaintings for the warm and cool areas and then adds the greens to make the leaves looking real. This DVD is only about leaves. All leaves displayed below are painted and explained in this Watercolor Workshop DVD. As a Bonus study Doris shows you how to paint rose stems with thorns. Doris holds nothing back and explains what she does and why. Learn to paint with her and create stunning leaves by yourself as the perfect addition to your flower paintings. it is extremly easy to follow Doris’ Watercolor Instruction DVD. She uses the common watercolor techniques, so there is no need to learn any new method and to struggle with this.

The focus of the camera is always on the painting so you can follow easily what Doris is doing and she always explains each step and especially why.

As a special BONUS you will find another lesson about how to paint different rose stems with thorns.

how to paint leaves

This new Watercolor DVD is for all levels. Doris uses the common watercolor techniques while painting. Wet-on-wet or wet-on-dry. Doris shows you how to create warm and cool greens, how to use warm and cool colours, lights and darks to create the form of the leaves.

In this ‘How to paint leaves in watercolor’ – Video I show you

  • how to mix beautiful greens (cool greens, warm greens and the dark greens for the shadow areas)

  • how to create the form of a leaf.

  • how to create the lights, midtones and darks.

  • how I work in an easy to follow way

  • how easy it is to create the form of the leaves with simples washes of colour

With all this knowledge you will know how to paint the different textures of the leaves you want to paint in future. It is all about light, midtones and darks. You then know how to create shiny leaves, leathered leaves, soft leaves, veins, dark and light areas.

Some Images from the Watercolor Video / DVD while painting

Reference material

You will get a drawing, images of three reference photos and images of the finished watercolour leaves studies. Beside that Doris has written down some important notes about how to paint the leaves, which you can print out. With all this reference material and the instruction on the DVD / in the video you will learn in a short time how to paint leaves.

How to paint Leaves

Watercolor Lesson ‘How to paint leaves’

  • Online Lesson - How to paint leaves in watercolor, realistic leaves, autumn leaves, rose leavesRunning time: 2 hours 9 min.
  • 1-Disc-DVD

complete Reference material:

  • Images of the Reference photos
  • Drawings
  • Images of all finished paintings
  • PLUS Handbook
  • BONUS Study on how to paint Rose stems

Get it as Watercolor DVD Format or as Video Online Lesson

Watercolor DVD:

1 Disc-DVD about how to paint leaves in watercolor- watercolor dvd and online lessonThe Watercolor DVD(s) will be shipped within 24 hours after the receipt of payment. Shipping costs are 8 USD worldwide. Free Shipping is possible when two or three DVDs are bought together. Then the code for free shipping is: dvd-free.

1 Disc-DVD
Shipping Costs: 8 USD

Price: $26.50 USD

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Watercolor ONLINE

How to paint leaves in watercolor - available as DVD and as Online LessonOnline Video means that you can watch the video immediately after your purchase. You will get a file with a password to view the video online. Downloads are not offered. But the video is there for you 24 hours a day. You can watch in on your tablet, smartphone or computer – when ever you want.

no shipping costs

Price: $23.50 USD

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Some Reviews:

… I am watching your leaves DVD started Monday evening. O my, that evening I went very late to sleep because I could not stop watching. Love it!!! Now I am going to watch the last part. But what I already have seen is beautiful and so very helpful. The leaves are wonderful and I can’t wait to paint them too.It is absolutely great and above my expectations. I am so happy with it!! Just what I was waiting for! I have already learnt so much from you! After 3 years of not painting at all it is now my passion again because of you…
Yvonne, Netherlands

Received your DVD’s Yesterday and I am already half way through them. They are wonderful!! I am learning so much, especially about warm and cool shadows, and the essential underpainting on leaves!!
Heather, Canada

… your leaves are the best that I have ever seen…
Marie, Australia

Dear Doris, Your DVD’s arrived late this afternoon much to my pleasant surprise. I thought they would be much later. I watched the one on painting leaves as soon as I got it. It is wonderful. You make everything look so easy. I can’t wait to try your techniques. I mostly do wet in wet, but now I will try wet in dry. Your leaves are simply gorgeous. Thanks again for that wonderful DVD. Can’t wait to view the other one. Do you use cold pressed or hot pressed paper?
Sophie, Canada

Short Preview

Watercolor Lesson ‘ How to paint leaves ‘

If you want to learn more about how to paint with watercolors then make sure to check out my ‘How to paint the white rose’ DVD which teaches you to paint complete and complex paintings. For more indepth lesson for different flower studies then my How to paint realistic stunning Flowers-Lessons are perfect for you.

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