Fine Art in watercolor and oil & Art Instruction online and on DVD

Doris has a big passion for nature and beauty and this can be viewed in her Fine Art Gallery. She creates her fine art in a realistic romantic style and her favorite mediums are watercolor and oil.

Her original paintings of flowers, roses, horses, people (figurative), portraits and still lifes are in many international collections. Her painting style allows her to capture life in naturalistic realism. Doris’s rose paintings are elegant, the flower paintings are vibrant, the cats paintings are too cute to go away and the horse paintings are colourful and painted in oil. Her figurative paintings of children and young women create a narrative that invites the viewer to become lost inside the frame. Doris hopes you find beauty and joy in her art, too. The watercolor paintings and oil paintings are created in different sizes, from small (like 2″x3″) up to large (around 40″x40″).

Original Fine Art in oil and watercolor & Fine Art Prints

Original Paintings are for sale online. Fine Art Prints are also available with secure online ordering and world-wide shipping. Original Paintings of flowers, cats and portraits/ figures are painted on high quality Watercolor Paper which is available as hot pressed or cold pressed in 140 Lb or 300 Lb. It is also possible to get Watercolor Paintings on Canvas as a special method is used to create Watercolor Canvas. This means that no glass and no frame is needed to hang this Watercolor Paintings on your wall. Oil Paintings are painted also on canvas or board and of course don’t also need a frame nor glass. Fine Art Prints for sale are available in different sizes. For more information and for purchase just visit the shop.

Commission a Painting:

Doris takes commissions for paintings in oil or watercolor of flowers and roses in different sizes from small to large. If you want to have a portrait of your favorite rose or a special flower – no matter if it is a complete painting with leaves and background or a fine art painting in a botanical style without background – Doris is able to create this special fine art painting for you. Feel free to send an email to Doris using her contact form without any obligation. It is possible to work from your own photos as well as using Doris large library of Rose and Flower Reference Photographs. For information on how to commission an oil or watercolor painting please read more on the Commissions Page.

Art Instruction on DVDs

Stunning Watercolor DVDs with indepth instruction on how to paintalso available as VIDEOS ONLINE

Doris has created three DVD Lessons on how to paint in watercolor. Painting in watercolor is a wonderful journey and big passion and Doris loves to share her everything she knows to create successful paintings. This are easy to follow lessons with information about colour, colour temperature, the use of the different kinds of edges, colour mixes and more. These DVD lessons are for beginners and advanced watercolorists. For more information please visit her DVD page.

Art Instruction Online Videos

All Watercolor DVDs mentioned above are available as Video Online Lessons. You can watch the Watercolor Online Videos immediately after your purchase. You can watch them 24 hours per day online and you get the same reference material with the handbooks. Get indepth watercolor instruction, each step is explained, learn more about colour temperature and edges. Click to learn more about the Watercolor Online Videos.

Watercolor E-book

Available is also a detailed Watercolor E-book about “How to paint realistic flowers in watercolor”. This Watercolor E-book is full with step-by-step-photos. Once again you will get the drawings & the reference photographs. This Watercolor E-book is a .pdf file and can be watched on your tablet, smartphone and your computer. Click to learn more about the Watercolor E-book.

Free Art Tutorials & Lessons in step-by-step-Demonstrations

Doris loves to share everything she knows about painting. She has created a few free tutorials on how to create paintings and shows many step-by-step demonstrations of paintings in watercolor of flowers and roses. Learn to paint the purple Heidi Klum Rose or a pink botanical rose study as a watercolor painting. Get the list of her art materials she is using. Learn how to paint roses in watercolor or how to paint flowers and learn more about Watercolor Techniques, colour temperature and edges. Many step-by-step-photos show you a watercolor painting from start to finish. Click for the free Watercolor Painting Lessons to learn how to create emotions in your paintings, how to create dark backgrounds and more.


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