Watercolor Lessons, Painting Demonstrations, Tips & Technique

Watercolor Lessons

This free art lessons together with Painting Demonstrations, Instructions, Tips and Technique in watercolor are created to help other artists. Hope you will find them helpful and inspirational:

How to paint your message?

When I want to start a painting I usually don’t need to search for inspiration because I only need to look around me. If it is a smile on a childrens face or the innocence in the youth or the folds in a face or if it is a sun glittering on a flowers petal or on the leaves. Read on …

Is your painting really finished? Checklist

You have painted your beautiful flower or rose painting with leaves and the background. Are you really happy with the result? Do you know if your flower painting is really finished? Or does it need a bit more work? Here is a check list for a successful flower painting Read on …

How to create colour harmony in flower paintings?

When we create a flower painting then we need to make sure that the flower, the leaves and also the background build a whole. We need to make sure that we create colour harmony. Read on …

Tips on Painting Leaves and Mixing Greens

Painting realistic leaves and mixing the perfect greens isn’t difficult –  I show you how to get the form, which colours are useful, how to paint light and dark areas of our leaves and how to use colour temperature. Read on …

How to paint a rose 

When painting roses I usually love a realistic look. But more important is that the colours are glowing, that the main flower is surrounded with smooth and light petals, and that I can show a three dimensional form on the flat paper.

How to paint flowers

Are you struggling with painting flowers ? Don’t you know how to get depth or how to get a three dimensional look for your flower paintings? No matter if you want to paint realistic or loose flowers – the magic is always there…  Read on …

Paint a Rose in a loose style

In this Rose Painting I wanted to use a more loose watercolor style.  This was very different for me as I usually work with very controlled watercolor washes. But I wanted to loosen up this painting a bit more. Read on …

Paint colourful blacks and darks

Should we use the black colour out of a tube or should we mix our own black colour? I think there is no right and no wrong. Read on …

How to paint pink flowers?

As a flower painter we figure out that there are many pink flowers available, no matter if this are roses, hydranges, tulips, Rhododendrons and many more. But how to describe this colour the best? Read on …

How to paint the colour white?

Have you ever wondered how to paint white on white? Which colours are the best to describe the form of a white skirt or a wrinkled flower?   Read on …

Learn to use a colour wheel – Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Colours

Imagine you could only chose three colours for doing a painting. Would you know which colours to chose to mix all the others you would need? Read on …

Watercolor Painting Technique

When painting with watercolors most artists struggle with finding the right method for applying their colours to the paper. What are the common techniques for watercolor? What means ‘wet-on-wet’, ‘wet-on-dry’ and ‘dry-on-dry’? Read on …

Edges – soft, hard, lost – How important are they?

Edges are very important in our paintings. When painting we always must be aware about them. Different kind of edges help us to make our paintings looking real, looking as a whole and not looking like a puzzle. Edges guide our eyes through a painting. Read on …


Want to know how to handle highlights in watercolor?  Read on …

How to create a beautiful dark background (Video Lesson)

Do you already know how to paint a glowing dark and colourful background which supports your flower? Here is the answer … Read on

One thought on “Watercolor Lessons, Painting Demonstrations, Tips & Technique

  • Very useful and easy to understand and follow. I have painted several roses with watercolor and my wife and daughter put them on their walls.

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