Video Length:
approx. 1 h 15 min

Reference material:

  • Reference photos of the Hydrangea
  • Drawing
  • Image of the finished painting




Doris shows how to paint a Blue Hydrangea with multi coloured petals. In this Hydrangea Study we will find blue, pink and green colour. Learn to paint a life-like hydrangea, the veins, create soft washes, mix warm and cool blues. In this study is all information about painting the larger and tiny petals of a multi coloured blue hydrangea. This lesson is about 1:18 hours and you get all the needed information so you too can start to paint hydrangeas in a realistic and detailed way. Learn to use lights and darks to create the form of the petals.

Below is a video clip from the original lesson. This are just a few parts …

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The following video clip shows a preview of all flower lessons:

Reference material:

  • Reference photo of the Blue Hydrangea
  • Drawing
  • Image of the finished study


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Artist Doris Joa
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