Flowers, Children and Women are a constant inspiration and when they are bathed in sunlight my heart begins to sing. Sun shine transforms everything. When the day is bright and sunny I am compelled to spend my time capturing that perfect light with my camera for my reference material. The interesting patterns created in the shadows and the texture and details are made so much more visible by this glowing light. They all come alive and dance on my paper and canvas. It is this sunshine that helps me to create the stories and feelings in my paintings. I don’t want to capture the beauty of a subject alone. I love to portray a mood and an atmosphere and it is this that creates a narrative that allows me to speak to the viewers through my paintings. My goal is to share the joy I felt when I was first so inspired by the subject. With each viewer bringing their own history and memories to all they see in my paintings I hope to touch their hearts too. The perfect mediums for my romantic realism style are watercolour and oil. Doris Joa