How to paint flowers with this new watercolor teaching dvd by Doris Joa

Watercolor Painting Instruction for Flowers and Roses

available as DVD and also available as online video lesson

My Watercolor DVDs are the perfect tool for you to learn in your own comfort zone.

This is a fantastic new Watercolor Painting Instruction on DVD and Online Workshop: Create realistic stunning flowers in watercolor. Now you can look over Doris’ shoulders to see how she creates her naturalistic style of realism and how she creates successful flower paintings.  This Painting Instruction DVD on Painting Flowers gives you all the needed knowledge about colour temperature, darks and lights, so you too can create stunning flower paintings. Easy to follow steps and indepth art instruction to give your painting the professional touch.

Doris teaches you all the important steps to create stunning Flower Paintings

  • how to get depth
  • how to get glowing colours
  • how to create realistic naturalism
  • how to work with colour temperature
  • how to soften the edges
  • how to paint undulations
  • how to lift colour
  • how to mix colours
  • how to create glowing centers
  • how to paint multi coloured petals
  • how to get soft washes
  • how to have control on your painting
  • how to paint stamens
  • how to paint a beautiful background as support for your flower

You can follow each step very easily. Doris holds nothing back and she explains what she does and why in an easy and understandable way. The camera focuses always on the painting so you can follow each step and don’t miss anything. Everything is explained.

You will get the full reference material Doris is using in this  Painting Instruction DVD on Painting Flowers so you too can create these flower paintings by yourself and immediately use your new knowledge.

Below you will see the painted flowers in this new Watercolor Painting Instruction Lesson on Painting Flowers.

All these watercolor painting instructions are for beginners and advanced artists.

There is so much in this Watercolor Painting Instruction for Flowers and Roses as Doris’ passion is to paint the beauty of nature in watercolor and she shares everything she knows about watercolor painting so you too can create stunning flower paintings.

Doris always works with the common watercolor techniques. This are all easy to follow steps so you can start immediately with painting your favorite flower. You will get all the knowledge you need to know how to create a realistic form of your flowers. And here in this 2-Disc-DVD-Set is all the needed information to create stunning FLOWER paintings by yourself.


Disc One:

Watercolor Flower DVD - Painting a blue HydrangeaBlue Hydrangea

Doris shows how she paints the multi coloured petals of a Blue Hydrangea. In this Hydrangea we will find blue, pink and green colour.

Learn to paint a life-like hydrangea, the veins, create soft washes, mix warm and cool blues

In this study is all information about painting the larger and tiny petals of a multi coloured blue hydrangea.

This lesson is about 1:18 hours and you get all the needed information so you too can start to paint hydrangeas in a realistic and detailed way. Learn to use lights and darks to create the form of the petals.


Watercolor Video Lesson on how to paint the undulations on Rhododendron petalsPink Rhododendron

In this beautiful flower study Doris shows how to create the undulations on Rhododendron petals. This really makes a lot of fun to create this undulations with watercolors.

Learn also how to paint warm and cool areas, how to get depth in the center, how to paint the stamens and the anthers.

Doris works with her easy to follow technique. She uses only the common watercolor techniques like wet-on-wet or wet-on-dry. Learn to use a dry brush to create texture and how to make it all looking so real. Learn to create dancing shadows and get useful tips while painting.

Disc Two:


White Daisy

In this Demonstration Doris shows how to create the glowing detailed center of this beautiful White Daisy. In flower paintings it is often so important to have the details painted at the right place so that the flower look real as if you could pick this flower out of the frame.

Learn how to create a three dimensional center and how to paint beautiful shadows the white petals. Please note: Background is not included.



Glowing Orange Rose

Learn to paint a glowing orange rose. Learn to create the warm and glowing petals and the cool cast shadows. Doris shows how she paints the petals, the center, how to use warm and cool colours to create the form of this beautiful Rose Bonita Renaissance. Also she paints a beautiful background.

Please note: In this demonstration you won’t learn how to paint leaves. This DVD is only about painting flowers. If you want to know how Doris paints her realistic leaves then just have a look at her Watercolor DVD ‘How to paint leaves’.

This DVD-Set is only about how to create stunning flowers with only one background in the pink rose study. If you want to learn how to create a complete painting with a rose, leaves and background – how to put it all together – how to make a painting successful – then I recommend the lesson of ‘How to paint a white rose’.

 Below are shots from the Video Lesson:

With the purchase of this DVD you will get:

  • images of the Reference photos
  • all drawings
  • images of the finished paintings


Running Time: approx: 4.5 hours


Watercolor Lesson ‘How to paint realistic stunning flowers’

  • Online Lesson - How to paint realistic flowers in watercolor - view it online on videoRunning time: approx. 4.5 hours
  • 2-Disc-DVD-Set

complete Reference material:

  • Image of each Reference photo
  • Drawing of each flower
  • Image of all finished paintings

Get it as Watercolor DVD Format or as Video Online Lesson

Watercolor DVD:

2-Disc-DVD-Set about painting realistic stunning flowers as Watercolor DVD and Online Video LessonThe Watercolor DVD(s) will be shipped within 24 hours after the receipt of payment. Shipping costs are 8 USD worldwide. Free Shipping is possible when two or three DVDs are bought together. Then the code for free shipping is: dvd-free.

2 Disc-DVD
Shipping Costs: 8 USD

Price: $48.50 USD


Watercolor ONLINE

Watercolor-Online Lesson about how to paint realistic stunning flowers in watercolorOnline Video means that you can watch the video immediately after your purchase. You will get a file with a password to view the video online. Downloads are not offered. But the video is there for you 24 hours a day. You can watch in on your tablet, smartphone or computer – when ever you want.

no shipping costs

Price: $45.50 USD

$45.50Add to cart


Some Reviews:

Well I love it!!! Much to learn for me and I was so happy to see how you did the daisy center. When you did the daisy painting I was wondering how you did this! Love it!
And I love the up-close filming. I can see exactly how you paint and learn from it. You show us all!!

And the rose is beautiful!! Love to see what colours you use to get such a glowing rose! How much work you put in to this!
And how you painted the hydrangea is an good example not to follow the photo exact how it is but keep it painterly. I always do that so I also learnt a lot from that one too. Keep the DVD’s coming J I really want to learn more from you.
Yvonne de V. The Hague, The Netherlands

Have just watched some of the best floral DVDs I have seen. Very impressed. They are wonderful and so professional. Got to about that and computer through me off. Her DVDs are so great and she shares every bit of knowledge. Soft edges are hard for me and the DVDs really help. Her new DVD Realistic Stunning Flowers in Watercolour is exceptional. Never seen daisy centres painted so well. They are taught expertly with thorough explanations. Beautiful DVDs Doris , Thankyou. Makes me want to paint !!!! When you like close detail like I do these DVDs are a must. So informative.
Diana M., Australia

By the way, I have watched your new DVD a couple of times and it is wonderful!  I can’t wait to start the new lessons.   You are such a wonderful teacher.
Sophie M., USA

Watercolor Instruction ‘ How to paint realistic stunning flowers’

More Great News: If you want to learn only one part of this DVD then the individual online lessons are perfect for you. These lessons are only available for online viewing.

If you want to learn more about how to paint with watercolors then make sure to check out my Leaves DVD/online Workshop as a Must-Have-Tool for your flower paintings. For more indepth lesson for different flower studies then my How to paint realistic stunning Flowers-Lessons are perfect for you.

Check out all available DVDs and a Special Offer

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Shipping time: The DVD(s) are going to be shipped within 24 hours after the receipt of payment – with tracking number. The post (DHL) promises a short shipping time worldwide within 5-10 days to USA, Australia, NZ …, but sometimes they need longer time, around 14-20 days. Please be patient as each DVD will arrive. Shipping within Europe is of course much faster.



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