Our home and  almost all it contained including our family history, our furniture, our car and my years of artwork and materials – all taken in a matter of moments in the catastrophic floods in the Ahr Valley, Germany.

We are so grateful our family is safe.

But we have now just heard our insurance won’t pay out for floods! We are devastated – again.




I have created a donate button.


We would be thankful for each tiny help

We only want to somewhere to call ‘our home’  where we can safely live and I can create art again.

Thank you!

Doris, Norbert, Miriam and Nicholas

Rose Bonita Renaissance and Rose Innocencia in watercolor

Here are some of my latest watercolor paintings. This Rose is Rose Bonita Renaissance. All my roses, which I paint, are growing in my own garden. This gives me the opportunity to observe them very well and to get the best results when I am…