Our home and  almost all it contained including our family history, our furniture, our car and my years of artwork and materials – all taken in a matter of moments in the catastrophic floods in the Ahr Valley, Germany.

We are so grateful our family is safe.

But we have now just heard our insurance won’t pay out for floods! We are devastated – again.




I have created a donate button.


We would be thankful for each tiny help

We only want to somewhere to call ‘our home’  where we can safely live and I can create art again.

Thank you!

Doris, Norbert, Miriam and Nicholas

Pink Peony Bud with dewdrops - realistic watercolor paper

Pink Peony Bud Painting – dewdrops on flower – watercolor painting

Another flower painting is finished. A big Peony bud - just in the opening stage - with many many dewdrops. The Peony bud is painted on 340 LB watercolor paper and has a white background. For the colours I used colours from Daniel Smith…
Moo Business cards and Postcards

MOO Business Cards and Postcards

Just look what was in my mail today. A package of new postcards and business cards.  From MOO. Do you know MOO yet? It is a fantastic online print company in UK and I am using their service since some years now. They are very nice, friendly…
Eden Rose - Pierre de Ronsard - Watercolor Painting

New Watercolor Painting of Eden Rose – Rose Pierre de Ronsard

This special rose painting of the Eden Rose - Rose Pierre de Ronsard - is available in my shop. Just click on the link below for more information.   https://www.dorisjoa.com/product/eden-rose-rose-pierre-de-ronsard/  
How to paint flowers - WIP of a Pink Peony Flower Painting by Doris Joa in watercolor

SSL Website & New Payment Option available

SSL Website I am very happy to let you know that my website got a SSL certificate. You will note a https in your browser. This little 's' and also a keylock before the https://www.dorisjoa.com means that this website is safe. Your visit…
How to paint flowers - WIP of a Pink Peony Flower Painting by Doris Joa in watercolor

How to create your best FLOWER painting?

How to create your best flower painting? Do you want to learn how to Create realistic stunning flowers? Use colour temperature and tonal values that will enable you to create the three dimensional form of your Flowers and Roses? Create…