Watercolor Tutorial on creating an atmospheric background in a paeony flower painting
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Watercolor Tutorial – Atmospheric background in a Paeony Flower Painting in Watercolor – White and Pink

White Pink Paeony medium: watercolor on 140 Lb stretched watercolor paper from Arches Size: 20"x20" (50 cm x 50 cm) © Doris Joa I finally finished my Paeony Flower Painting in Watercolor. In my previous post I was unsure about how to…
Pink White Paeony Painting - work in progress

Painting of a white pink Paeony

Currently I am working on a new flower painting - it is a painting of a white pink Paeony. See photo below. I am doing a lot of runs and this year I was lucky to find a garden with a bush full of white paeonies. Paeonies are such special…
Paeony Flower Painting - realistic art -Watercolor - Aquarelle by Doris Joa

Paeony Flower Painting in watercolor

Pink Paeony Flower Painting watercolor - size: 16" x 16" (40 cm x 40 cm) © Doris Joa I love Paeonies. We have a lot of Paeonies growing here and there are so many wonderful kinds of paeonies available and also in different colours. From…
Snowdrops - Realistic flower watercolor painting by Doris Joa
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Snowdrops in watercolor – Flower painting – paint realism

'Snowdrops' - watercolor painting size: 40 x 50 cm, 16" x 20" © Doris Joa In the past weeks I was very busy with my newest painting 'Snowdrops'. I wanted to paint a very high realistic painting with a lot of details and this painting…
Realistic red hollyhock flower painting in watercolor

Watercolor Painting of a deep red Hollyhock

New Watercolor Painting of a deep red Hollyhock I have created another flower painting of a deep red Hollyhock. I especially love the colour of this flower. Which paper did I use? For this painting I used a different watercolor paper…