Paeony Flower Painting - realistic art -Watercolor - Aquarelle by Doris Joa

Paeony Flower Painting in watercolor

Paeony Flower Painting - realistic art -Watercolor - Aquarelle by Doris Joa

Pink Paeony Flower Painting
watercolor – size: 16″ x 16″ (40 cm x 40 cm)
© Doris Joa

I love Paeonies. We have a lot of Paeonies growing here and there are so many wonderful kinds of paeonies available and also in different colours. From white to pink to deep red and I never can’t resist doing tons of photographs of them. Of course painting them is very time consuming – all this tiny petals. But in the end it is worth all the time which we invest in painting paeonies as the result is always stunning.

My Colour Palette for this Paeony Flower Painting

The pinks in my new Paeony Flower Painting were created with Purple Magenta, Brillant Purple, Permanent Rose and Anthraquinoid Red. I also used Sap Green, Cobalt Blue, Indian Yellow, Aurelion Yellow to create the three dimensional form of my flower painting.

The background was created with some of the same colours. But I also added Hookers Green. This green is stronger than Sap Green and works better with some red to create some darks. A hint of pink is seen in the background, too, which gives a lovely effect and also depth.

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