SSL Website & New Payment Option available

SSL Website

I am very happy to let you know that my website got a SSL certificate.

You will note a https in your browser. This little ‘s’ and also a keylock before the means that this website is safe. Your visit on my site and all the details (if you use my contact form or if you do any purchase) are safe. Nothing can be viewed or shared by third parties.

New Payment Option

In the past time I got a few requests for another payment option beside PayPal. I am happy to let you know that now you can do any purchase on my site with simply using your credit card. This has NOTHING to do with PayPal. It is easy and safe (SSL Certificate as mentioned above) to do any purchase now with only your credit card.

Of course it is still possible to use PayPal – which is safe, too. PayPal is a big company and they work hard to keep all safe. But I know that many people don’t want to use it, so now you have another option on my site.

Happy Painting!

For detailed information, testimonials and more video previews click on the images. Or buy them here:

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