Our home and  almost all it contained including our family history, our furniture, our car and my years of artwork and materials – all taken in a matter of moments in the catastrophic floods in the Ahr Valley, Germany.

We are so grateful our family is safe.

But we have now just heard our insurance won’t pay out for floods! We are devastated – again.




I have created a donate button.


We would be thankful for each tiny help

We only want to somewhere to call ‘our home’  where we can safely live and I can create art again.

Thank you!

Doris, Norbert, Miriam and Nicholas

How to paint pink flowers

How to paint the colour pink?

I love pink flowers and I love to paint pink colour. But how to paint the colour pink? Let me show this on one of my pink watercolour paintings. But before let me analyse the colour pink for artists and non-artists. When a non-artist…

Watercolor Painting video online

Great News! I am now able to offer my Watercolor DVD 'How to paint the white rose'  as Watercolor Painting Video Online. This means that you can watch it now on your phone or tablet or computer. It is tested on iphone, Android phones,…
Purple Rose watercolor painting by Doris Joa
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Purple Rose Watercolor Painting

Purple Rose ORIGINAL watercolor painted on 300 Lb (640 g) Arches cold pressed watercolor paper Size: 12" x 12" (30x30 cm) Price: $210 © Doris Joa  [wp_cart:Purple Rose 12x12 :price:210:shipping:0.001:end] [show_wp_shopping_cart] Purple…

Featured Artist in the MUSES Magazine

Great News! I am one Featured Artist in the MUSES Magazine. My artwork is displayed in their August Issue. You really must check this out.  I am one of the Guest MUSES, just click on the image to find out more details. The theme…

Portrait of a girl with white hat

"Summer Love" watercolor on 640 g (300 Lb) coldpressed watercolor paper size: 12"x16" (30x40 cm) © Doris Joa Portrait of a girl with white hat This portrait of a girl with white hat is done on 640 g (340 Lb) coldpressed watercolor…