how to know when your flower painting is finished

Is your floral painting really finished? Check list for a professional flower painting.

So you have painted now your beautiful flower, have added the leaves and the background. But is your flower painting finished? Check list for a successful flower painting CHECK LIST for a professional flower painting: Edges - Are…
How to paint flowers - WIP of a Pink Peony Flower Painting by Doris Joa in watercolor

How to create your best FLOWER painting?

How to create your best flower painting? Do you want to learn how to Create realistic stunning flowers? Use colour temperature and tonal values that will enable you to create the three dimensional form of your Flowers and Roses? Create…
How to paint hydrangeas
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Paint Instructions for Hydrangeas

For my new Watercolor Flower DVD I added a section of Paint Instructions for Hydrangeas. I loved especially to show how to paint the multi coloured petals of the blue hydrangea. There are areas of pink, purple, blue and green. I show how…