how to know when your flower painting is finished

Is your floral painting really finished? Check list for a professional flower painting.


So you have painted now your beautiful flower, have added the leaves and the background. But is your flower painting finished? Check list for a successful flower painting

CHECK LIST for a professional flower painting:

  • Edges – Are your edges soft around your focal point?
  • Is your flower integrated in the background?
  • Have you used some of your background colour on your flower?
  • Have you used some of your flower colour in the background and on the leaves?
  • Do the leaves support your flower or do they take the attention away?
  • Do you have a focal point?
  • Are there variations in your whites / highlights?
  • Has your flower depth?
  • Is your flower glowing?
  • Have you used colour temperature to get the three dimensional form? Warm against cool?

Have a good look at all of these different steps in this check list for a professional flower painting. Each step is very important when you want to give your flower painting the professional touch it deserves. You will be amazed at what still needs to be done if you check all these areas but you will love the result.

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Happy Painting!

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