Sunshine Blog award

Sunshine Blog Award

I was very surprised to get a message from Alex Zonis, who gave me a blog award – the Sunshine Blog Award.

Thank you very much Alex and I feel very honored.

I have to follow the Award rules and must nominate 12 bloggers. That is an easy job, because I would like to nominate my friends on the Artcolony blog. I am happy to be a part of this Artcolony blog, because there are some wonderful artists which has become friends to me. This are more than 12, but each of them deserve the award, if this is Jane Freeman, Cindy Agan, Diane Morgan, Mollie Jones, Mary Jansen, Nita Bridges-Hoyt, Emily Johnson, Carol Chretien, Kay Smith, Debbie Cannatella, Verena Heroux, Ruth Steinfatt, Elinor Sethman, Pat Hart, Kaaren Oreck, Christiane Fortin, Chris Beck and Michelle Himes. They all deserve this Sunshine Blog award, because they always like to share all they know about painting, they are very helpful and an inspiration. I only wish my special friend from the other side of the world – Susan Harrison-Tustain –  would have a blog, because she also deserves this Blog award. Her paintings are full of magic and she also always loves to share her knowledge about painting.

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