WIP Photos of my Rose Painting

As promised here are some photos of how my Lions Rose painting in watercolor was developing.

All of you who know my e-book or have seen my Free Watercolor Demonstrations know that I usually start always with the flower and then I am working on the leaves.

This time I worked  a bit different. On my white paper I did an underwash of Aureolin Yellow and some pink colour, which also will be used on the rose. The pink colour is Ruby Red from Schmincke. I also added a bit of Sap Green as Underwash.

For this underwash I used my 2 inch Brush from Scharff Brush, Inc. Series No. 560 which is perfect for large washes. Read more about my watercolor brushes which I am also using in my paintings.

When all was bonedry I then started to work on my leaves. In my previous post where I showed the complete rose painting I already told you which colours were used on the leaves.

Then I started finally with painting the rose, because at this time I was not completely sure how I want to complete the background. Should I paint more leaves or were it enough?

As the rose was developing I also knew how I wanted to have the background. So I added more of my underwash colours there.

And more colours were added to get more depth.

I also wanted to add a little bud in the left corner but it was bothering me so I washed over with darker colours this area.

The leaves also got more colours, some got more washes of the mix Aureolin and Sap Green.

You know already the finished painting, but here it is again:

“Lions Rose”
Watercolor Painting on 140 Lb hotpressed Arches watercolor paper
size: 12″x13″ (30 cm x 34 cm)
© Doris Joa

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