Watercolor Tutorial on creating an atmospheric background in a paeony flower painting
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Watercolor Tutorial – Atmospheric background in a Paeony Flower Painting in Watercolor – White and Pink

White Pink Paeony medium: watercolor on 140 Lb stretched watercolor paper from Arches Size: 20"x20" (50 cm x 50 cm) © Doris Joa I finally finished my Paeony Flower Painting in Watercolor. In my previous post I was unsure about how to…
How to paint daffodils - no matter if you paint in oil or watercolor
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Daffodils Flower Painting – in oil and watercolor

Daffodils are always fun to paint. No matter if you want to paint them in watercolor or oil. They are the sign of spring and over the years I created several paintings of them. I want to share some of my painting steps with you of my painting…

WIP Photos of my Rose Painting

As promised here are some photos of how my Lions Rose painting in watercolor was developing. All of you who know my e-book or have seen my Free Watercolor Demonstrations know that I usually start always with the flower and then I am working…

A small Rose and a small pink Hybiscus in watercolor

Today I have to share two paintings. Pink Hybiscus, 6"x6" (15x15 cm), watercolor Price: $50 USD plus $10 shipping international The first one is a Pink Hybiscus and the second one a small Rose painting, both painted in watercolor…