Happy New Year and a new watercolor painting of a Hollyhock on Textured Claybord

At first I want to wish you all a very HAPPY NEW YEAR 2008.

I have started the new year with a new watercolor painting. In the past time there has changed a lot in my thinking how I want to do my watercolors. For the past years I always loved to paint on hotpressed paper but it is time now to change something. I must figure out what pleases me most and what fits the best to my own painting style.
With this in mind I have tried to paint again on coldpressed watercolor paper. This paper has a nice texture and I must say the first day I did not get the hang of it and threw the started painting away. But I didn’t want to give up so fast and tried it again. I changed a bit of my technique and it seems that this works for me.
At this time I am doing a figurative one on coldpressed paper.

Beside this I wanted to do a flower and I still have some Textured Clayboard. I have worked on Textured Clayboard some time ago, but never really liked it, because it did not fit my way of painting technique. Since I have changed something in my technique with the coldpressed paper I was curious how it would be NOW with the clayboard. And I must say I LOVED it. I loved so much working on it, it was more than easy. It was so easy to lift colours and to get the white back.

Pink Hollyhock, 11″x14″,
painted on Textured Claybord with transparent watercolors
copyright Doris Joa

I was able to paint this hollyhock in a short time and I really like the result. I will do another floral on this claybord – I will post this very soon.

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