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Watercolor Fuschia Painting on Claybord and a woman head study in watercolor

Time is running so fast, it is already over a week, since I have done my latest post here.
But today I can show two new paintings.

I am experimenting with paper at this time and also with my technique. For a long time I have always prefered hotpressed paper but now it is time to try out new things.
This head study is done on coldpressed Arches watercolor paper. I like to paint on this paper. The surface is not so smooth as the hotpressed paper but in many ways much easier to work on. I also like the texture. I have worked with transparent colours.

Size: 7″x10,5″, cold pressed Arches watercolor paper

The next one is a Fuschia watercolor painting on Textured Claybord. For the pink and violets I have used colours from Daniel Smith like Carbazole Violet and Naphthamide Maroon and
Brillant Purple from Schmincke and Permanent Rose from Winsor and Newton.
As I mentioned in my previous post it is easy to work on this Claybord. The colours are drying very light so you must not be careful with pale washes. And when you have done a mistake simply remove the colour with a chisel brush, which works perfect on this Claybord.

Size: 11″x14″, painted on Textured Claybord

I have shown the following small painting in an earlier post here .
I have changed the background to get more contrast and I think it works much better now.

Size: 2,5″x3,5″, painted on hotpressed watercolor paper
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