Portrait of a girl with white hat

"Summer Love" watercolor on 640 g (300 Lb) coldpressed watercolor paper size: 12"x16" (30x40 cm) © Doris Joa Portrait of a girl with white hat This portrait of a girl with white hat is done on 640 g (340 Lb) coldpressed watercolor…
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Portrait Watercolor Painting of a young blonde girl

My newest painting is done on Textured Claybord. A portrait of a beautiful blonde haired girl. "Angelina" Watercolor on Textured Claybord size: 11"x14"

Black Cat and a small woman head study

The  small woman head study was painted on 340 Lb coldpressed paper. I just wanted to try how this paper works. I painted already some flowers on this paper, but I really wanted to figure out how it works for faces and hair. It works -…
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Young girl with blonde hair – portrait painting in watercolor

"So many dreams" medium: watercolor, 140 Lb coldpressed paper, size: around 10"x12" copyright: Doris Joa I finally finished the Girl portrait painting. You may remember the WIP in the previous post. Since this WIP I started 4 times…
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Finished portrait and the next stage of my Roses painting

This is the finished portrait of the beautiful young girl. I still had to do the necklace and also some colours on her body - that was it. I am very pleased with this painting, it is excactly what I wanted to acchieve. Her mother was…