Sunshine Blog award

I was very surprised to get a message from Alex Zonis, who gave me a blog award - the Sunshine Blog Award. Thank you very much Alex and I feel very honored. I have to follow the Award rules and must nominate 12 bloggers. That is an…

Purple Tulip painting in oil

It is a long time ago since I painted in oil. This is my newest painting and I really need some time to become familiar with the oils again.This purple tulip painting in oil is painted on panel and size is 7,2 x 10 inch (18x24 cm). It is still…

Pink Peony for sale – Watercolor on canvas

Pink Peony, 12"x16" painted on stretched canvas Price: $350 plus shipping insured If you are interested in purchase this piece, plase visit my shop here Today I finished my Peony Painting. Size is 12"x16" and it is painted on stretched…

David Austin’s Rose Golden Celebration in watercolor

This is a small version of the beautiful yellow David Austin Rose "Golden Celebration".  I have painted it in watercolor on 600 g (340 Lb) coldpressed Arches paper.
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Golden Magnolia and E-book about watercolor

This is one of my newest paintings. I found this Magnolia on the "Landesgartenschau" this year, which is a very large Garden (Flower) show. I visited this place in late summer and there were so many many flowers, like Dahlias, Zinnias, Sunflowers,…