Lions Rose – finished oil painting

As I promised here is finally an update on my large rose commission.
The rose is named “Lions Rose” and is growing in my own garden.
Size of the painting is 24″x32″ (60×80 cm) and painted in oil on stretched canvas.
The painting is already delivered and the client loves it. This is always exciting, although I usually send photos about the progress and about the finished painting, it is always very exciting how the client reacts when seeing it in real life.

Closeup with dewdrops

About this painting:
As you have seen in one of my older posts I paint in a direct way on a white canvas. I have tried to work on a toned canvas, but I do not really like this and I do not see for me any difference in the result. Here is a step.

It is always astonishing how with adding the background the whole feeling of the painting changes. Since I work always with the same palette I make sure, that I do use the same colours on the flowers also in the background, it gives a wonderful harmony. I do not like to use too many colours in a painting, it confuses me. With knowing my colours I am able to mix the colours, which I need. I do not use any black in my colours, I mix my own darks and browns.

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