Summer - figurative painting of woman with white hat and white dress, child with pink hat and pink dress laying in grass

Summer – New figurative painting in watercolor

‘Summer’ – New figurative painting in watercolor

One of my latest new figurative painting in watercolor is about summer, sun and childhood.

"Summer" - figurative watercolor painting by Doris Joa

Don’t we love those special times to simply relax, to smell the grass, to enjoy sunshine and more important to have time for our children?

I loved to create this story. Don’t we remember these times when our children were little and they simply enjoyed to be with us and were happy with just playing a flower as long as they are together with us? And we mothers simply enjoyed to have our child with us and spending time. This are such special moments in our life.

This is a large painting, full sheet on heavy 300 Lb (640 g) Arches cold pressed paper. Size 55×76 cm (21 x 29 inch). This painting needs to be framed behind glass.

size: around 21″x 29″ (55×76 cm)
painted on 300 Lb Arches cold pressed watercolor paper
© Doris Joa

Detail image

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  1. Donna McGuinness
    Donna McGuinness says:

    I adore every single painting! I am an artist but have hit the starving part of my life where I can’t afford to buy any new supplies, etc. but that’s not why I’m commenting. I love the way, on the free advice, how you describe wet on wet & dry on dry. I work great in oils but not the best in watercolor. Thank you for finding my email and sending me this great info!

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