Rose Ghislaine de Feligonde – New Original rose oil painting finished

Time is always so running fast – I just realized that it is a whole week ago since I did my last post here. But there was really not much to talk about.

At this time I am working on a figurative painting and I have spent so many hours already on it to have all correct – I needed to go over many areas over and over again until I was pleased with them. There is still a lot to do before I can show a photo.

But beside that I have worked on a new rose painting in oil – Size is 16″x20″.
It’s the Rose Ghislaine de Féligonde, which grows in my own garden. I love a lot this rose, especially how this rose changes her colours.
With painting in oils I always struggle with colours. I am not so familiar with oil paints as with my watercolors. So this time I decided I should limit my palette to mostly the same colours, which I am using in watercolors and it seems, that it works perfect for me.

Usually I also paint on white surfaces, how I have learnt this with watercolors. This time I decided to ground the white canvas and I did a layer of olive green and I used Acrylics for this. You always can paint with oils over acrylics and to ground the canvas with Acrylics means that it dries very quickly.
With painting on the rose and using mostly transparent colours I figured out, that I do not like to paint on a coloured surface. Too much of the background was shining through the transparent colours. I needed to do more white and more layers as I usually do.

My palette was:

Indian Yellow


Transparent Orange

Alizarin Crimson

Phthalo Blue

Phthalo Green

Sap Green

Transparent Oxide Red

Titanium white

My colours are from Rembrandt and Gamblin.

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