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Single Daffodil and my finished Rose painting in watercolor

It is almost a week over since I posted an update of my roses. I photographed each day a new step and wanted to post it but then I was busy with going on with the painting and so I can already show the finished painting. For now I will…
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Finished portrait and the next stage of my Roses painting

This is the finished portrait of the beautiful young girl. I still had to do the necklace and also some colours on her body - that was it. I am very pleased with this painting, it is excactly what I wanted to acchieve. Her mother was…

Rose Ghislaine de Feligonde – New Original rose oil painting finished

Time is always so running fast - I just realized that it is a whole week ago since I did my last post here. But there was really not much to talk about. At this time I am working on a figurative painting and I have spent so many hours…