How to paint flowers - WIP of a Pink Peony Flower Painting by Doris Joa in watercolor

How to create your best FLOWER painting?

How to create your best flower painting? Do you want to learn how to Create realistic stunning flowers? Use colour temperature and tonal values that will enable you to create the three dimensional form of your Flowers and Roses? Create…

Watercolor Painting video online

Great News! I am now able to offer my Watercolor DVD 'How to paint the white rose'  as Watercolor Painting Video Online. This means that you can watch it now on your phone or tablet or computer. It is tested on iphone, Android phones,…
Summer - figurative painting of woman with white hat and white dress, child with pink hat and pink dress laying in grass

Summer – New figurative painting in watercolor

'Summer' - New figurative painting in watercolor One of my latest new figurative painting in watercolor is about summer, sun and childhood. Don't we love those special times to simply relax, to smell the grass, to enjoy sunshine and more…