Happy New Year and a Dancing Rhodie

I want to wish you all a very healthy,  successful and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009.

It is also the time to say Thank You. It is wonderful to know that you enjoy my art.

Here is one of my newest paintings, a Dancing Rhodie.

Dancing Rhodie - watercolor by Doris Joa

I have started with it several weeks ago, but then I put it aside, because other things needed to be done. Finally I got back to it and then I couldn’t await to finish it.

This Rhododendron is painted on Reeves Watercolor Board, the board is similiar to hotpressed paper, but very unforgiving. A pluspoint is that you have not to stretch paper, but with adding a lot of water it can happen that the board buckles. But if you then wet the backside you will get it flat again.

Size of the painting is 9″x12″ and the medium is watercolor. Hope you like it.

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