Back from vacations – Watercolor portrait and a Bunny ACEO are finished

Hi, we are back from our vacations from Netherlands. It was a wonderful time with good weather and a lot of inspiration. I have done hundreds of photos and I hope that some will turn in wonderful paintings.
But it is good to be at home again and to see all the hills and mountains around us, because in Netherlands it is really flat there.

Now I am full of energy for doing new paintings. I am also working on my website, which I really have to update with so many paintings. But I will do only a bit here and there each day, it is so much work, to do this in two languages. I also need time for my kids and of course for painting.

I have finally finished this watercolor portrait of Denise. I have add a very light background and I am very pleased with the result.

I also have finished a new ACEO painting, another miniature in 2,5 x 3,5″.
It is a bunny and also painted in watercolor on hotpressed paper.

I have it for auction on ebay, so maybe you want to have a look?
Please click here.

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