Heidi Klum Rose: Another new oil rose-painting finished

I have finished another oil painting and it is a rose again. This time it is the “Heidi Klum Rose”.
This Rose is really named after this model Heidi Klum and only in Germany available.
I was personality in this shop in Cologne and bought this rose. I love the purple colour very much and I really could not await, to have this rose full in bloom to do a lot of photos and finally do the painting of this oil rose.
I have chosed two mainflowers, the right rose is of course the beautiful star of this composition, supported by her deep purple partner-bloom at left. I also have decided to paint only three buds, like three childs around the mainflowers. One is still very small and has just started to develop, the other buds are a bit older and we can already see the beauty.I wanted to have the background simple. I think, the dark background with only a few suggestions about more leaves shows the beauty of this rose the best.

I will show the full painting and some close ups.
The size of this beautiful rose painting is 20″x24″ (50×60 cm). Painted on stretched canvas.
Please click on the images for larger view.

Heidi Klum Rose, Original oil painting,
size 20″x24″ (50×60 cm)
painted on stretched canvas

Here are some details:

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