Lions Rose – A new Rose painting in progress

I do not often post photos of work in progress. But I thought I would be a good idea to post this rose here, because it also helps me to see things on the monitor which I do often not realize when I have the canvas in front of me.
This will be a Rose painting about the “Lions Rose”. It is a commission and I am doing it in oil and the size of the canvas is 24″x32″ (60×80 cm).

Here is a close-up.

In my previous flower paintings, the Rose Ghislaine de Féligonde and the White Lily I tried to paint on a toned green background. But I must say that I didn’t like to paint on a toned background and so I am doing this rose on the white canvas.
I try to use a limited palette to make things easier for me. On my palette are the following colours:
Naples Yellow instead of Indian Yellow, because I think the Naples Yellow will work a bit better, since the lady who commissioned me wants to have a creamy white and Indian Yellow is maybe a bit too strong.
There are also:
Aureolin, Translucent Orange, Alizarin Crimson, Permanent Rose, Phthalo Blue, Sap Green and Phthalo Green and of course Titanium White. This Lions Rose is creamy white with a touch of pink. There will be two large Roses, some buds, stems and leaves and also dewdrops.
I am pleased how the painting looks at this moment, but I will see better, when I have paint more. For mediums I am using only Walnut oil and Walnut Alkyd Medium, both are from M.Graham.

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