red cat with soft fur laying on a red chair seat

New Cat Painting

Red Cat laying on red chair - realistic cat painting with sunlight, relaxing cat on a chair with red seat

“Red on Red”
watercolor painting
size: 12″x16″ (30×40 cm)
painted on 300 Lb watercolor paper

© Doris Joa
available for Sale

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  1. Marais M
    Marais M says:

    Beautiful! is my simple first comment. Accurate, yet that is a word I do not usually use in describing art works, 2 or 3-D, yet I have a formerly feral cat who adopted me. The stretching and posing, the underlying musculature, even in the eyes and face, remind me to a very fine point, how closely you have studied and sketched cats before painting them.

    The attitude of the cat, the features of the body and face, are exact reproductions of poses and attitudes of my cat and more importantly, of felines in general. I know people who want “exact” reproductions before they are willing to call a painting art. Your portrait denies and disproves that lie. It is an incredible work, as it captures everything that is true about a “cat”.

    How lovely. I am grateful to have seen this incredible work. Thank you for your work and experience.

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