New Ocean Seascape Seagull Original Oil Painting

I am still working on my website. It is so much work, but I really hope, that I can finish this job in the next days. It will be a very fresh look and I am looking forward to send this website online.

Our kittens are doing well. They have grown so much in the past two weeks and they are so crazy. They play a lot, sleep and are always there, where they should not be. It always happen, that one of them climbs over my legs and wants to lay in my arms and just then, when I am painting. It is too funny.

My kids are having so much fun with them and I am very proud of my kids, because they take good care of them.

Beside that I have done a new painting. It is about a Seagull at the Ocean. The title is “Preparing for flight”. It is an oil painting, painted on hardbaord panel, size is 7,2″x10″.

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