Oil paintings: Rose Golden Celebration and a Red Dahlia

I have not posted since a while here, but of course I have painted.
New are two small oil paintings. Each size is 7,5″x10″ (18×24 cm).
One shows the yellow-orange rose “Rose Golden Celebration”, a David Austin’s Rose and the other one is a red Dahlia.

Both paintings are available for sale, if you have interest, just send me an email plese.

I also was working on a figurative watercolor painting, but I have ruined this painting. There was a problem area around the mouth of the girls face and I tried to fix it, so I erased, scrubbed and the result was a hole in the paper.
I couldn’t believe it, but I am not really depressed about this. I also would have start over with this painting, when I not had could fix this problem area.
For this time I have put it away and maybe I will start with this again. But for now I have decided, to do another figurative painting, also in watercolor.

This is the painting, which I have ruined, how good, that I did a photo, before this happened:

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