Original oil painting – Horse Minituare ACEO

Today I was again in the mood for doing one of my horses, but this time a miniature oil painting.
I will name this painting “Miss Barbie”, I think the title fits perfect.

Size is 2,5″x3,5″, painted on hardboard panel. There are only my initials on the painting, it will be signed with my full name on the backside.

Yesterday I got a message from a person who told me, that he would love my roses. Since he also would have started to paint with watercolors he used my demo of the Rose “Open Arms” and painted this rose by himself.

Some months ago another person told me he would have painted one of my colourful horses. I did this horse in oil and he wanted to paint it in watercolor.

I am thrilled that people like my work enough to paint a copy of them. This is really great. Both persons know that they cannot not sell this paintings, because I own the copyright on my own paintings.

I am also very pleased that people find my free demonstration of a rose painting in watercolor useful. If you have not seen this demonstration yet, please visit my website or follow this link here. Hope you find it helpful too.

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