Hollyhock in Strong Light

This Original Watercolor painting of a Hollyhock is my latest work. It is painted on hotpressed Watercolor paper and size is 6"x6". Actually this Hollyhock has a lemon yellow colour but it was surrounded from a lot of green which is shining…

Rose Amelita Renaissance

This is the Rose Amelita Renaissance, painted on 140 Lb coldpressed paper. You can easily see the texture of the paper and it is nice to work on it.  Size is around 4x7 inch. Click here for purchase information

Another Red Hollyhock

This Hollyhock is painted on Arches coldpressed paper and size is 4"x4". Click here for purchase

Yellow Dahlia and a Blue Hydrangea

This are my latest small watercolor paintings. A Yellow Dahlia and a Blue Hydrangea. Both are painted on coldpressed Arches watercolor paper. The size of the Yellow Dahlia is 5"x7" and the Blue Hydrangea is 6x6 inch. I really had fun to paint…
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And more small paintings

And again I am late with my posts. I have done more small paintings, so here is an update: Sunflower, 3"x6" inch, watercolor Red Daylily, 4"x5", watercolor Yellow Hibiscus, 6"x6", watercolor Sunflower, 5"x7", watercolor Rose,…