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Loose Watercolor Style

Rose Bonita Renaissance Watercolor - size: 12x13 inch © Doris Joa I have finished another Rose painting. A study of the Rose Bonita Renaissance. A beautiful rose which really glows with orange. The background was painted in a loose…

Lions Rose – Pink white Rose Painting in Watercolor

"Lions Rose" Watercolor Painting on 140 Lb hotpressed Arches watercolor paper size: 12"x13" (30 cm x 34 cm) © Doris Joa Happy New Year to you all ! I hope you all had a great night and I am wishing you all the best for 2011. I…
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Testing Schoellerhammers Illustration Board in watercolor

A friend  was so kind to send me some of Schoellerhammers Illustration board and I wanted to try it out with watercolors. The surface is very smooth and it was not too bad to paint on it. Although I like the result I am not sure if I really…