Two new family members

This post has nothing to do with art.
Yesterday we got two new family members. Two cute kittens. We got them from a farm and my kids are very excited about this.
When we were at home we figured out, that the kittens were not in the best condition, they didn’t want to eat and also the eye of the black kitten were inflamed.
So today I immediately visit the Vet and we were told, that both kittens were sick. They are getting antibiotics now and something for the eyes and also the Vet told me, that the kittens were much younger than the people on the farm told me.
She also meant, that it were good that the kittens found a new home here, because when they would have stayed at the farm, they would have died in the next time, because of their sickness. Is this not terrible? I cannot believe, why people do not care for their pets – I only thought, they were happy, that the kittens were away. And they didn’t give them for nothing, we had to pay about 30 Euro for one cat.
I am very angry – not about the money but about the persons at the farm.

But I am glad to tell you now, that the kittens do drink their special milk, which the Vet gave us for them, and they are also very curious about their new home.
So I hope they will be in good condition very soon – it would be too sad if not.
My kids are so happy about the new family members and they are playing the whole day Mommy and Daddy for them.

As I mentioned this post has nothing to do with art, but who knows, maybe I am getting much inspiration for some beautiful cat paintings?!!!

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