You can buy now my greeting cards at Greetingcarduniverse.com

Today I was busy with working on my website. I really have to update it and I think it will be running with the changes on tomorrow. I am also trying to finish my shop there.

With doing this work I also have created a shop on greetingcarduniverse.com which allows you now to buy greetingcards with images of some of my paintings there. I only have upload 4 images yet, the painting Rhose Ghislaine de Féligonde, my rose painting “After the Rain”, my pink tulips “Frühlingsboten” and my Pink Amaryllis. I will upload more pictures there, so I am able to offer a nice collection there.
I have placed my Card Widget at the right sidebar, simply click on it to come to my card store.

Beside all this work I have not done very much progress on my Rose painting. But here is an update, how it looks now

I have worked more in the left right corner before I will go on with the roses, so I do not need to touch the roses, when they are still wet.
I hope to post tomorrow another update.

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