New Original colourful horse oil painting

Today I have done another new horse painting in addition to my colourful horse painting series. It is again an oil painting and the size is 12"x24", painted on stretched canvas. I have no title yet for this painting.

New Miniature (ACEO) painting – coneflower with bee

I have painted another miniature painting - it is a coneflower with a bee. This painting is done in watercolor and the size is 2,5" x 3,5".

Two new family members

This post has nothing to do with art. Yesterday we got two new family members. Two cute kittens. We got them from a farm and my kids are very excited about this. When we were at home we figured out, that the kittens were not in the best condition,…

New Horse oil painting – Wildfang

Today I have finished another horse painting in oil. Size is around 8"x12" (20x30 cm).

Back from vacations – Watercolor portrait and a Bunny ACEO are finished

Hi, we are back from our vacations from Netherlands. It was a wonderful time with good weather and a lot of inspiration. I have done hundreds of photos and I hope that some will turn in wonderful paintings. But it is good to be at home again…