And some Daisies

Daisies in watercolor, painted on hotpressed Watercolor paper, size is 6x6 inch Click here for purchase information

Rose Amelita Renaissance

This is the Rose Amelita Renaissance, painted on 140 Lb coldpressed paper. You can easily see the texture of the paper and it is nice to work on it.  Size is around 4x7 inch. Click here for purchase information
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More Roses …

As I said it seems to be my Rose week. I have painted to more. The first one is painted on Reeves Watercolour board and size is 6x9 inch. The other one is painted on hotpressed Crescent Watercolour Board and size is 6x6 inch.…

Small Paintings of Roses in watercolor

I think it is my Rose week. I have finished two small paintings of roses, both are in size 6x6 inch (15x15 cm). The yellow Rose is painted on hotpressed Arches watercolor paper and the white Rose on Crescent Watercolor Board. Both surfaces…
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Testing Schoellerhammers Illustration Board in watercolor

A friend  was so kind to send me some of Schoellerhammers Illustration board and I wanted to try it out with watercolors. The surface is very smooth and it was not too bad to paint on it. Although I like the result I am not sure if I really…