Bouquet of country roses on wood table - flower painting in watercolor

Bouquet of roses on a wood table – New flower rose painting in watercolor

A new painting is finished. A painting of a beautiful bouquet of country roses laying on a wood table. It is my newest watercolor painting and the painting measures 100 cm x 50 cm (40 inch x 20 inch). It is painted on stretched watercolor paper so it can hang without a frame and without glass.

Doing this painting was an adventure. I got this bouquet of flowers for my last birthday and since I love this kind of country roses very much I decided to take some photographs. I took the flowers outside and placed them on our wood table in the garden and made a lot of photos. We as artists know that rarely one photo works. That is the reason why I always do many photos to make sure I have pictures from all angles in the same light.

Also I wanted to create a different mood. Not a daylight mood because this would have meant that I had to paint a light table and maybe a much lighter background.  I started with painting the roses and decided about the background later. At first I tried the a light wood table and light background. But I didn’t like it. I thought the roses would need a different atmosphere and did many more washes to get more darks in the background. Many more layers of colours on the wood table were also needed to get a rich dark wood texture.

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