I am back to watercolor painting

As you will have seen here in my blog, I have painted a lot with oils in the past weeks and now I am back to my watercolors. I have missed them so much, that I had to start with them now again.

I am doing a portrait of a young girl. Especially I love the hair of this girl, so her hair will take a big place in this painting. Of course I hope all will work fine.

Here is a photo about the WIP.

Here’s a closeup. There is something wrong with her eye, so I am will work on it again.

It is always a challenge to work with watercolors and to know, that not much can be corrected, when things are done wrong. Also I have to be very careful with the hair, especially in those parts, where some of the skin will shine through. So I am taking it slowly.

This girl is the same, which I have painted in my oil painting “At the River”.

I am also working on the preparations for a new rose painting, also in watercolor. I think, I will do this again as a Step by Step Demo, so if you are interested, please come back to follow this Demo.

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