watercolor painting of a girl in white dress with white hat walking

© Doris Joa – watercolor painting

Watercolor painting of a girl in white dress with white hat walking at the ocean

I just finished this new watercolor painting of a girl in white dress with white hat walking at the ocean. It is painted on 640 g (300 Lb) coldpressed watercolor paper from Arches and it is a full sheet painting (size is around: 56 x 75 cm , around 22x 30 inch).

I just had fun doing this painting as I just love to paint water and the reflections and the naked feet walking over the sand.

Girl at the beach – Watercolor figurative Painting

The work on my site still isn’t finished – thank you for your understanding.

But in the meantime I am showing you my newest Watercolor figurative painting. It is a young girl standing at the beach overlooking the ocean.

I am just having fun with painting the water, the sand, the figure with her dress flowing in the wind.

Reflections of a young girl in pink dress with pink hat wandering at the beach – figurative painting in watercolor

Reflections - young girl on the beach - watercolor painting

This is my newest figurative painting:  “Reflections”

I loved the Reflections of the girl at the beach which were the reason to paint it. This small girl in her pink dress with a pink hat really enjoys her walk at the beach. The reflections in the water of this girl are just wonderful.

It is watercolor, size around 16×22 inch, on 140 Lb coldpressed paper.

Some Work in Progress

I haven’t posted for a while here and this is also just a short note to show what I am doing right now.

Girl in watercolor, work in progress

Here is a WIP of a girl in watercolor. It is a very early stage, but I thought that you are maybe interested in seeing this. I am working very carefully to build up the layers.

Pink Peony in watercolor - work in progress

And a Pink Peony in Progress. There is also a lot to do with all the many petals, but I enjoy it. For the pinks I used my favorite colour Permanent Rose. To make it stronger I added some Alizarin Crimson and for the cool areas I added some Phthalo Blue.

Girl in Rain with umbrella - watercolor painting

“Has the Rain stopped?”
watercolor, 6″x16″

And here is another watercolor painting. I am not really happy with it.  Her hand is a bit too long, but since I have worked so often on this area, I will stop now and not touch it again. It is okay, but another lesson learnt!

I am very happy with the reflections and also with the wet street.

At the beach – New watercolor figurative painting

This is my newest watercolor painting of a young girl at the beach.
I have no idea which title I could use for this painting. I still remember when my kids saw the first time the ocean. It is like “Wonders of Nature” and since we do not live at the ocean I still feel the same when we visit the ocean in our vacation time. I am always impressed – deep impressed -.

I have done this painting on Textured Claybord (Aquabord) and size is 11″x14″. I loved to describe the water, the waves, the reflections and the sand. It really made fun to do this painting.

For some reasons I love this Aquabord but there are also times when I hate it and there were many times when I could have thrown this painting away. It is not easy to work in layers on this surface, it is so easy to disturb the underlayers and especially when painting skins that can look awful. I am pleased with the look now and I will not touch the painting again. Each time when I tried to add another layer on the skin I always removed the underlayers and then I had to do the whole area again.

On the other side it was so easy to work with the water and the waves and the sand, because here I LOVED it very much that I could remove the paint and to get the white back. For this the surface was wonderful.