David Austins Rose Heritage in watercolor and I am listed on the 50 best blogs for watercolor artists

David Austin Rose
size: 12″x16″ (30×40 cm)
on 600 g (340 lb) coldpressed watercolor paper
© Doris Joa

A big thank you to Webdesign School Guide for including my blog in their 50 best blogs for watercolor artists. Thank you, Corinne

Another big thank you for including my blog in The TOP 50 Watercolor Paintes Blog. Thank you, Lisa.

And here is just another pink rose finished. David Austin’s Rose “Heritage” is painted on 600 g (340 Lb) Arches coldpressed watercolor paper. I really like this surface for some reason. Usually you don’t need to stretch this paper. But I stapled it to my board to be really sure.  🙂

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