Romantic Roses in watercolor – Romantische Rosen in Aquarell gemalt

Romantic Rose Paintings in Watercolor - how to paint roses in watercolor , yellow rose, white rose, pink rose, red rose on Arches hotpressed paper - Romantische Rosen gemalt in Aquarell - Aquarellrosenbilder - wie male ich Rosen - gelbe Rose, weiße Rose, rote Rose, heißgepresstes Aquarellpapier

White apricot coloured Rose Clair Renaissance -Finished Rose painting

Rose Clair Renaissance IV - 12"x16" (30x40 cm) painted on 140 Lb hotpressed stretched watercolor canvas In my previous post I posted some Steps of my newest Rose Painting. And I couldn't resist and wanted to finish it as I also wanted to…

Yellow, Red and Orange Rose

I am still working on my large figurative painting - I hope it will be finished in the next days. But I really needed a break from this and so I did some Rose paintings. The Red and Yellow Rose are small ones, 6x6 inch. The Orange…
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Single Daffodil and my finished Rose painting in watercolor

It is almost a week over since I posted an update of my roses. I photographed each day a new step and wanted to post it but then I was busy with going on with the painting and so I can already show the finished painting. For now I will…
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Roses WIP and a better photo of the painted girl in watercolor

As I promised here is a new step of my current Roses painting. I have started with some leaves to get a better feeling for the roses. The roses are looking so different on the white paper and to have them  surrounded with the leaves…