Summer – New figurative painting in watercolor

‘Summer’ – New figurative painting in watercolor

One of my latest new figurative painting in watercolor is about summer, sun and childhood.

"Summer" - figurative watercolor painting by Doris Joa

Don’t we love those special times to simply relax, to smell the grass, to enjoy sunshine and more important to have time for our children?

I loved to create this story. Don’t we remember these times when our children were little and they simply enjoyed to be with us and were happy with just playing a flower as long as they are together with us? And we mothers simply enjoyed to have our child with us and spending time. This are such special moments in our life.

This is a large painting, full sheet on heavy 300 Lb (640 g) Arches cold pressed paper. Size 55×76 cm (21 x 29 inch). This painting needs to be framed behind glass.

size: around 21″x 29″ (55×76 cm)
painted on 300 Lb Arches cold pressed watercolor paper
© Doris Joa

Detail image

Little girl dreaming in the afternoon sun in the grass – Figurative Painting in Watercolor

“Dreamy Afternoon”
Watercolor on stretched watercolor canvas
size: 12″x24″ (30×60 cm)
© Doris Joa

I already did this painting a year ago, but I was never really happy with it. In the first version the shadows were looking wrong to me, I always thought they’d look dirty.
That is the problem with watercolor: Once you have the wrong color it is sometimes really hard to get the right color there. In my earlier version of this painting it was not possible. I used too much blue in the shadows and I didn’t like it. It was a strong blue and I was not able to make the shadow colour better.

Still I loved the idea of this painting I decided some weeks ago that I’d do this painting again. I wanted to describe how little girls enjoy themselves, how they can get lost in their own world, here and there playing and then they are tired and they simply sleep whenever they like and just at the place where they are. We adults rarely take this time for ourselves, always busy instead of simply enjoying an hour in the sun. Of course in my painting it is a wonderful place for a little girl in her beautiful pink dress to sleep, laying in the sun, the leaves are swaying in the breeze and the cozy blanket is just so inviting, the hat is just put aside and lays in the grass – the perfect moment for a dreamy afternoon.

E-Cards available and a sneak peek in a figurative painting

I am happy to tell you that I am offering E-Cards on my website.

E-Cards are a great tool to stay in touch with family or friends. I have created a nice collection of roses, flowers, figures and cats. This E-Cards are safe and absolutely free and of course easy to use. Visit my E-Cards-page, choose your favorite image and fill out the form on the following page and send your card .

You do not need to sign up for anything, just use them and send your family or friends some greets.

Beside that I can tell you that I am working on a new figurative painting. It will be 20×28 inch in size (50×70 cm) and it is again a watercolor. I can already say that there will be a girl, water and  ….. (oh no – I don’t want to say more).

I just hope that my work in progress will go on as I hope.

Reflections of a young girl in pink dress with pink hat wandering at the beach – figurative painting in watercolor

Reflections - young girl on the beach - watercolor painting

This is my newest figurative painting:  “Reflections”

I loved the Reflections of the girl at the beach which were the reason to paint it. This small girl in her pink dress with a pink hat really enjoys her walk at the beach. The reflections in the water of this girl are just wonderful.

It is watercolor, size around 16×22 inch, on 140 Lb coldpressed paper.

Figurative work Progress and an Orange Challenge

In one of my previous posts I showed a picture of a figurative painting, on which I am currently working.

I have worked more on this, especially this time on the hair, to get a better suggestion how it will look. I must be careful to save all the whites, where the sun hits the hair.

In the hair I used the colours Raw Sienna, added Translucent Orange for the very warm area, I also added burnt sienna and phthalo blue (green shade). In the next layers I also will add some green and alizarin crimson and mixes of all the other colours. I simply try to use all the colours, which I also use in the rest of the painting. With this I am getting colourharmony in the painting, which is important.

Now to the Orange Challenge:

I belong to a very wonderful group of artists in UK, USA, Canada and Germany (me!). I am proud to belong to this group – we are only Ladies and we support each other. Some weeks ago we decided to do a Painting Challenge each month. The theme for October was “orange and botanical” and today on 15th October we had to show our work. And now what do you think, what I have painted??????

Yes, a Rose. It is a wonderful Rose painting and I am very pleased with this result.

Orange Rose with yellow in watercolor, Realistic Watercolor, Realistic Rose Painting - orange rose on dark background, orange Rose in Aquarell by Doris Joa

To view all the other artists work, please click here.

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New watercolor painting “Pretty in Pink”

I have finally finished another watercolor painting.

My daughter was again my model. I love to create a story in my paintings and it is wonderful to see how kids are growing and that the same things are important for them as for us. It was sunday and we wanted to go out and my daughter wanted to be sure to be pretty and it was not enough that we as parents told her that she is pretty, she wanted to see this by herself. Of course she is still too small to reach to the mirror but she is able to help herself with standing up on one of her chairs, so she can make sure that the hat in this painting is sitting correct on her head. I love to watch her when she does this.

“Pretty in Pink” is painted on 140 Lb coldpressed watercolor paper with using only transparent paints. Size is around 16″x22″.