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Figurative work Progress and an Orange Challenge

In one of my previous posts I showed a picture of a figurative painting, on which I am currently working.

I have worked more on this, especially this time on the hair, to get a better suggestion how it will look. I must be careful to save all the whites, where the sun hits the hair.

In the hair I used the colours Raw Sienna, added Translucent Orange for the very warm area, I also added burnt sienna and phthalo blue (green shade). In the next layers I also will add some green and alizarin crimson and mixes of all the other colours. I simply try to use all the colours, which I also use in the rest of the painting. With this I am getting colourharmony in the painting, which is important.

Now to the Orange Challenge:

I belong to a very wonderful group of artists in UK, USA, Canada and Germany (me!). I am proud to belong to this group – we are only Ladies and we support each other. Some weeks ago we decided to do a Painting Challenge each month. The theme for October was “orange and botanical” and today on 15th October we had to show our work. And now what do you think, what I have painted??????

Yes, a Rose. It is a wonderful Rose painting and I am very pleased with this result.

Orange Rose with yellow in watercolor, Realistic Watercolor, Realistic Rose Painting - orange rose on dark background, orange Rose in Aquarell by Doris Joa

To view all the other artists work, please click here.

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