New figurative painting with girl and a cat

“My Space”, 16″x22″
watercolor on coldpressed paper

I just realized how many weeks are over since I have done my last post here.
I have done a lot of work on my website. I wanted to have something new when viewers do enlarge the images. So I used a “Lightbox” there, a wonderful tool. And I have mostly finished my shop there. Beside my Original painting I am also offering now small prints (around 8×10″) of some of my paintings. I will add more in the next days. For more infos please visit my website and it is all explained there. Hope you like it.
I still have to do the german version, with which I also will start in the next days.

But here is my newest work. The idea behind my new painting is:
when the mail brought me a package my kids always loved to play with the cartonage. They had so much fun to climb in and to feel lost in their fantasy world.
Some weeks ago I got a package from my supplier and my daughter was again asking for the cartonage. It was her “castle” and when I came and wanted to look at her she did as when she would sleep. You can see a smile on her face. Our cat was also very curious about what was going on in this cartonage. Soon they are too old and they never will play in this way, so I thought it would be nice to bring this memory into a painting.

It is watercolor, painted on coldpressed paper, size is around: 16″x 22″.

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