Portrait Painting and a figurative woman painting in watercolor

After all the kittens I needed to do some other faces. At first you will see a young girl with blonde hair and the second one is another beautiful girl with brown hair in a white dress.

The portrait is finished and is painted on coldpressed Arches watercolor paper. I love the blonde hair in sunlight. No masking fluid was used in both paintings.

girl portrait painting, blonde hair in full sunlight - original watercolor painting by Doris Joa

The figurative painting is mostly finished.

Figurative woman girl painting - girl with brown hair in white dress leaning against a wall

I must check the hands and feet and may also add some colours here and there, maybe I also need to soften some edges, but mostly it is finished. The background will be as it is now. The girl is so present that nothing more is needed in this painting.

Here is a close up:

figurative painting of a young girl, young woman painting in watercolor

Size is 12×24, painted on Fabriano coldpressed watercolor paper.

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